Skin Care

European Facial

30 minutes   $35

60 minutes   $65


Essential Herbal Facial

30 minutes   $25

This refreshing herbal facial features Young Living’s ART line for facial care. These products include only the finest, 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils by Young Living. Custom blends of botanicals and other ingredients created by nature are also implemented to give your skin everything it wants and needs to be truly radiant, inside and out.


Escapes Herbal Facial

60 minutes   $55

Everything you could ever want from an herbal facial, this deluxe treatment includes 7 special steps to rid your skin of toxins and give it that sought-after, youthful glow. Relax as Young Living’s pure, essential oil-infused ART facial care products, among others, cleanse, tone, and hydrate your skin to unlock its true luminosity. Along with the countless benefits provided by our superior skin care products, experience absolute paradise with a face, décolleté, and shoulder massage utilizing the healing properties associated with rose quartz and white marble.