Appointment Time

Make sure you arrive on time for your appointment so you may enjoy the full benefits of your service.


24 hour cancellation notice is required.  Failure to provide proper notice will result in a charge of the scheduled services.


Please help us maintain a peaceful atmosphere by turning off your cell phone and all other electronic devices and by speaking softly.

Gratuity or Tips

Gratuity is not included in your spa service. We leave it to your discretion. General gratuity is 15-20%. Gratuity may be added when checking out. An 18% gratuity will automatically be applied to all groups of three or more.

Health Concerns

If you have high blood pressure, allergies, other physical ailments or disabilities requiring special attention, or if you are pregnant, please notify us upon booking your service so we can accommodate your needs. If you have any other health conditions, questions, or concerns, please let us know.




If you have never had a massage before, you are in for a treat! All of our therapists are trained, licensed and experienced in therapeutic massage. Here are a few tips to prepare you for this indulgence.


Let your therapist know it’s your first massage. Your massage therapist will take a moment to explain the process, discuss any muscle tension or pain you’ve been experiencing and answer any questions you have. Agree on a progression that allows time to address any issues, for example, if you hold tension in your shoulders and jaw, you may want to skip your legs. Or, you may want to relax with a full body massage. Let your therapist know in advance, but feel free to change your mind. It’s your massage.


Our therapists go to great lengths to maintain guest modesty, by stepping out of the treatment room to allow you to disrobe and get comfortable under the sheet on the massage table. We want you to only undress to your level of comfort. A sheet will be used to cover your body except for the portion being massaged. It’s your massage and we want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


Every body is different and no one knows what works best for you better than you do. Help your therapist help you by communicating your comfort level with the amount of pressure. Your body needs to be relaxed to respond to massage work. If you are tensing up because the work is too deep, you will not fully benefit from the work you are receiving. Feel free to speak up at any time. Again, it’s your massage.


Allow yourself to focus on your body, breathe deeply and take in the wonderful sensations of receiving a massage. While some people appreciate the quiet, others find conversation helps them unwind. 


If you have any unanswered questions about what to expect from your visit, feel free to call or email us. We are more than happy to answer them.