Natural Detox Services

Amethyst BioMat Therapy

The Inframat Pro is a gemstone heat therapy mat that is designed to facilitate better wellness of the body.  This BioMat uses gemstones to channel deep penetrating heat 4-6 inches deep into muscles and tissues.  Our professional BioMat contains Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade stones.  


How does the BioMat work?


The Healthy Line BioMat combines several therapies into one wellness-defining experience.  These therapies include Hot Stone Therapy, Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and PEMF Therapy.  The use of heated gemstones greatly amplifies the energetic benefits of the mat, the greater variety of gemstones increases this process.  FIR rays are naturally absorbed into our bodies from the sun.  When using the Inframat Pro, you are exposed to these rays of invisible light which can increase oxygen movement while decreasing pain and inflammation.  Negative ions attract harmful positive ions which can help reduce the number of toxins and harmful metals from your body.  Finally, PEMF therapy is the application of magnetic fields of a particular frequency to the body (7.83Hz).  These specific waves are most in line with the Earth's natural magnetic field mimicking its frequency and intensity.  


What can it naturally manage within the body?

Chronic pain, fatigue, detoxification, relax sore muscles, improve blood circulation, revitalize energy levels, decrease inflammation, improve the immune system, balance pH and many more!



Pregnancy, varicose veins, open wounds, bypass surgery, pacemakers, muscle relaxers, blood thinners, decreased skin integrity, and temperature sensitivity.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please consult your medical professional prior to this service.  The information shared here is provided by the manufacturer.  The Amethyst BioMat is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.  


What to Expect:

Pre-treatment and post-treatment beverages to improve metabolic functions and toxin removal, a private, calming environment with soothing music, and a variety of essential oils to choose from to enhance your relaxing experience.  


45 minute session for $35 or add this service to any massage or facial for a complete comprehensive experience.  Packages of 3 are available for $100 and include an amethyst gemstone.  


Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Enjoy the 2,000 year old tradition of medicinal cacao in a healing and centering environment.  Cacao beans and nibs, not to be confused with cocoa powder or chocolate, has numerous health benefits.  Known by the Mayans as "Food of the Gods," cacao is high in antioxidants, contains many healthy vitamins and minerals including magnesium, improves heart function, can help manage depression, reduces appetite, is anti-aging, detoxifies the liver, builds strong bones, regulates blood pressure, reduces PMS symptoms and has many more benefits!


Cacao is also spiritually beneficial to the mind and body as it connects you to Mother Earth.  Indigenous people used ground cacao beans mixed with pure rainwater and flowers to anoint children during baptisms.  Chocolate was considered by the Mayan and Aztecs as the blood of the Earth.  Humans and the Earth were thereby related to each other in this sacred manner.  It was also used for betrothal and marriage ceremonies, for worship of the gods, during funeral and burial ceremonies, and valued so highly it was also used as currency.  


Once only used by the royal houses and nobility of the Mayans and Aztecs, cacao is now available to us to use daily or ceremoniously.  Enjoy this ancient drink as part of a private session with your facilitator as we lead you into a relaxed state.  Our ceremony begins with a Palo Santo cleanse, next we set our intentions individually as we prepare the cacao to be consumed.  Music and sound healing may also be used during your ceremony.  Cacao is a heart expander and mind opener, those who have experienced the ceremony have also found it to increase creativity, cleanse negativity and connect to the divine within themselves.  It is a powerful tool used to go deeper into your inner healing.  You are encouraged to meditate, visualize and journal during your time to receive clarity in the areas of love, purpose and personal growth in your life.  


$30 (additional participants may join your ceremony for $5 each).  


Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to let the cacao have its full effect.  Call Escapes Spa for any questions or to book this specialty service.  Thank you.  


Our ceremonial drinking chocolate is sourced from certified organic farms.  It is a sugar free, vegan, GMO and soy free, whole food.  You may also choose to add chili powder, honey, agave syrup, ashwagandha, or cinnamon to add to the natural flavor of cacao.  



Ear Candling

Many famous civilizations have practiced the healing treatment of ear candling including the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and Aborigines.  The most noteworthy people in America to practice this treatment were the Hopi Indians of the Grand Canyon region in Arizona.  The term "candle" can be misleading as they are hollow, wick-less tubes made from cotton, flax or hemp fibers infused with beeswax. 


Ear candling may be used to alleviate symptoms of colds, earaches, excessive ear wax, allergies, headaches, migraines and many others!


How do ear candles work?

A hollow tube is gently inserted into the ear canal.  When lit at the top, the rising air column inside the candle begins to heat up creating a gentle massage and suction effect.  This process loosens compacted earwax and debris.  Our treatment also includes lymphatic massage of the area and the application of Willow bark oil.  



Perforated ear drum, artificial ear drum, ear tubes, eczema or dermatitis of the outer ear, cochlear implant, current or recent infection, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, acute infectious diseases, fever, diarrhea or vomiting, recent head or neck injury, skin infections and pregnancy.  Please consult your medical professional with any questions or concerns prior to receiving this service.  


$25.  Please allow 10-15 minutes per ear, one candle per ear is applied during this 30 minute treatment.  


Himalayan Salt Foot Detox


You will begin your foot session in our hand hammered Ayurvedic copper bowl filled with healing salts and floating herbs.  After your warm foot soak you will be hand dried and your feet will be placed on heated salt foot detox blocks.  Sink into comfort as the salt naturally draws out toxins from the body and eases your aches and pains.  Himalayan salt is also naturally antiseptic and hypo-allergenic.  Your stone therapy session will finish with a light foot massage using our natural jojoba cream.  


30 Minutes     $25


Ionic Detox Foot Cleanse 


The ionic foot machine works by charging sea salt water through electrolysis to attractive positive and negative ions.  This type of detoxification dates back to Indian Ayurvedic medicine and in Roman times as a way to draw impurities away from the body.  


Toxins are charged particles that circulate through the blood in the foot region.  The human feet  contain 250,00 sweat glands and 200,000 nerve endings.  These toxins are attracted to the opposite charged ions and are drawn out into the water by osmosis and diffusion.  


The benefits of the foot detox cleanse can include the purging of heavy metals, balance of the body's pH, reduction of pain and inflammation, detoxification of internal organs, boosting the immune system and many more.  It is noted that the the water will change color regardless if the person's feet are in it or not due to water impurities, however there will be 2-3 times more debris in the water when the foot treatment is complete.  Please consult your medical professional should you have any questions or concerns prior to receiving this service. 



Pacemaker or other electronic implements, hypertension, organ transplant, pregnancy or nursing, epilepsy, open foot wounds, are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, and blood regulating medications. 


What to expect during the foot cleanse:

A quiet and private room where you will be seated during the 30 minute treatment.  A variety of books, calming music and detox teas are also offered to make your foot detox session as relaxing as possible.  


$35 for the 30 minute treatment 

Packages of 3 also available for $90. 


Lifestyles Joyous Infrared Sauna


Enjoy the healing and relaxation of our far-infrared sauna at Escapes Spa.  Your body will experience the benefits elicited by moderate exercise with lower temperatures than traditional saunas.  Infrared heat therapy heats the body directly with non-visible light spectrum of sunlight to create deeper tissue penetration.  


What should you expect during your sauna treatment?


Clients will be in a private room to enjoy their session.  Water will be provided by the spa; please stay hydrated before, during and after your time in the sauna.  A robe and towels will be provided to each guest, please keep one on while enjoying your time inside the sauna.  For those new to a sauna experience, it is recommended to start with a 20-30 minute session.  More acclimated clients may choose 25-45 minutes sessions.  It is recommended to shower beforehand for optimal health benefits and to maintain a clean spa environment.  


What are the benefits of a sauna?


There are many health benefits to receiving sauna treatments.  They may include weight loss, increased metabolism, relief of muscle tension, ease of joint pain and stiffness, boost your immune system, increased blood and lymph circulation, body detoxification through sweating, reduced appearance of cellulite, reduced stress and fatigue, improved skin health and appearance, better sleep quality and overall general sense of well being.  




Cardiovascular disease or issues, obesity, diabetes, medications, alcohol or illicit drug use, the elderly, children, those with reduced ability to sweat, hemophiliacs, fever, sensitivity to heat, pregnancy, menstruation, acute joint injury, surgical implants, pacemakers and defibrillators.  


All clients will be required to fill out a medical form and a waiver of liability before their session begins.  Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to receiving a sauna treatment, please consult your physician PRIOR to this service.  Should you feel sick, light-headed, sleepy or have any other physical issues while in the sauna, please end your treatment immediately.  


45 minute private sauna sessions are $35.  They may also be combined with any of our many other services, such as before or after a massage session for a complete body relaxation experience.  


Infrared Sauna Blanket Treatment

Similar in benefits to our beautiful full sized wood sauna, this service allows the client to relax on a massage bed while the sauna blanket heats the body.  This multifunctional far infrared sauna heating blanket is designed for burning fat, accelerating metabolism, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, improves sleep quality, helps remove cellulite, promotes lymph drainage and detoxes the body via sweat.  Far infrared sauna treatments heat at a depth of 1.5 to 4 inches into the body.  


This treatment can burn 500-700 calories per session.  Please drink water before, during and after your session.  Light cotton clothing is recommended to be worn during your service.  Lotions or perfumes are not recommended to be used before sauna use.  




Cardiovascular disease or issues, obesity, diabetes, medications, alcohol or illicit drug use, the elderly, children, those with reduced ability to sweat, hemophiliacs, fever, sensitivity to heat, pregnancy, menstruation, acute joint injury, skin disorders, headaches, claustrophobia, surgical implants, pacemakers and defibrillators.  


All clients will be required to fill out a medical form and a waiver of liability before their session begins.  Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to receiving a sauna treatment, please consult your physician PRIOR to this service.  Should you feel sick, light-headed, sleepy or have any other physical issues while in the sauna, please end your treatment immediately.  


30 minute private sauna blanket sessions are $25.  


Armpit Detox Session


The purpose of this service is the detoxification of the body by ridding toxins that have built up on the skin.  Research also suggests it may boost the immune system and lower breast cancer risk.  The goal is to stop using harmful chemical deodorants and antiperspirants. Once these chemical based deodorants stop being used, the build up will cease and toxins can start to leave the body.  


Why stop chemical based deodorants?


Research suggests that there is an association between the use of deodorants/antiperspirants and breast cancer.  There are many toxic ingredients in deodorants including aluminum, parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, talc and phthalates (fragrances).  Skin irritations and allergic reactions are other possible side effects of artificial deodorants.  Finally, these harmful and toxic products can be ineffective and not needed in many people.  Sweat in itself is almost odorless; smells in the armpit areas are caused by bacteria not sweat.  


What does our detox session entail?  


The client is asked to relax on our massage table as we apply a clay mask to the armpit area.  This mask is allowed to sit on the area for approximately 15 minutes.  It is removed with hot towels and vinegar is applied to the skin to neutralize bad bacteria (provided the client does not have skin sensitivities).  Finally, the client will receive a Himalayan salt stone to replace their current deodorant for home use; our provider will explain to the client how to use the stone so that they may transition away from conventional deodorants.


Detox Session and Salt Stone deodorant:  $25  


Chakra Light Therapy


This form of chromotherapy uses the 7 chakra colors to balance and harmonize the body.  Chromotherapy or light therapy uses wave-lengths of color light to positively alter the biochemistry of the body to promote deep healing.  


What are Chakras?


There are 7 chakras in the human body, each one vibrates at its own unique frequency.  Energy flows through the chakras from one part of the body to another.  If your chakras are blocked, your body's energy may become stuck.  This may feel like emotional distress, spiritual disconnection, or physically drained.  


The first chakra is called the Root Chakra.  Its color is red for energy.  It stimulates brain wave activity, circulation, awakens us and energizes blood flow.  The second chakra is called the Sacral Chakra.  Its color is orange for joy.  This color stimulates the appetite, colon, digestion, and physical relationships.  The third chakra is the Solar Plexus.  Its color is yellow for wisdom.  This chakra connects us to our will and personal power, improves mood, relieves depression and also helps in the body's digestion.  The fourth chakra is the heart.  The heart charka is green and calming.  This color balances our nervous system, soothes the mental state and comforts your emotional relationships.  It is connected to Love.  The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra.  Its cooling color is blue.  The throat chakra is for respiratory health and counteracts hypertension.  It is also tied to the proverbial throat by connecting you to your ability to communicate and speak your truth.  The sixth chakra is the Third Eye.  Its color is indigo for healing.  This is connected to foresight and intuition.  It is also good for sinus problems and immunity.  The seventh charkra is the Crown Chakra.  Its cleansing color is violet.  This color strengthens, purifies and awakens the body to our spiritual self. 


What to expect:


Deep relaxation, calming of the mind and thoughts, subtle energy shifts, elevation of mood, release of negative emotions, spiritual insights, better sleep and reduced anxiety. 


You will be in your own private room to enjoy your session.  Healing frequency music will be played during your light therapy.  You may choose from 7 different Hz playlists designed for your particular focus of healing.   


25 minute session:  $25

45 minute session:  $45 


Optional 60 minute luxury experience:  $75

Escapes Spa is pleased to offer a luxurious experience of the charka light therapy, healing frequency music, heated amethyst bio-mat bed, and custom aromatherapy. 


Add Ons:


Chakra light therapy also compliments well with foot reflexology or Reiki.  Ask your practitioner about these added options should you be interested.  


For those seeking further detox services, Escapes Spa also offers Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Body Salt Scrubs & Dry Brushing.  These treatments can be found in descriptive detail under our "Massage" tab.