Massage & Bodywork

Escapes Signature Massage

Soothing and comforting Swedish massage reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

30 minutes $35
60 minutes $65
90 minutes $90

Therapeutic Massage

Focused bodywork great for strained muscles, muscle injury, and chronic stress.

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $95


Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper pressure massage designed to release the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

30 minutes $45
60 minutes $75
90 minutes $100


Stone Massage

Native American massage therapy utilizing hot basalt lava stones and cold jade stones. This ultimate, luxurious therapy eases tension and loosens fatigued muscles.

60 minutes $80
90 minutes $105


Couples Massage

Share the benefits of a therapeutic massage with your friend or loved one. Find comfort and a safe haven to unwind and enjoy renewal together.

60 minutes $135
90 minutes $195


Rainbath Aromatherapy

Awaken your senses and return to a feeling of oneness with your body and spirit. Six specific essential oils are combined with Agate and hot stones that aid in the release of stress and anxiety throughout the body.

Approximately 60 minutes       $65


Prenatal Massage

Swedish massage, hot stones, and lavender essential oil are combined to support strained muscles and joints, ease sciatic pain, decrease edema (swelling), and reduce stress to safely and effectively promote overall body wellness for mother and baby.

This pampering massage service is offered in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Those considering prenatal massage are recommended to consult with their physician or midwife before seeking massage therapy. Please inform your therapist if you feel any discomfort at any point during the massage.

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $95



Pressure point therapy for the feet. This therapy promotes circulation and proper organ function while also balancing body energy.

Approximately 30 minutes      $40



Ancient Japanese technique for relaxation, stress reduction, and energy healing. Each session is a powerful yet gentle experience for both client and practitioner.

Approximately 60 minutes       $65


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Stimulation of the lymphatic system encourages the removal of the body's toxins and waste using hot stones, pressure point therapy, hot towels, and gemstones.

Approximately 60 minuets       $80


Seated Chair Massage

Fully clothed, upright massage with focus on the head, neck, shoulders, and arms. Perfect for those unable to lie down for 30 minutes or more.

15 minutes             $15


Sound Healing Therapy

By special appointment with practitioner Connie Magee.

Sound healing provides the deepest possible relaxation, while targeting injured tissue, emotional blocks and imbalances, and produces a unified mental state. There is simply no other medicine like it. Connie utilizes gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and voice to synchronize brainwaves and lead you into Theta state, where deepest systemic healing occurs.

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Massage Therapy Enhancements:

Dry Brushing $15
Aromatherapy $5 - $10
Back, foot, or hand scrub $10
Hot Stones $15
Peppermint Scalp Massage $5